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If you come in contact with dogs, you need to contact us. We specialize in kid & dog safety and dog training, so you can go anywhere safely with your dog. The kid’s programs combine traditional coloring books with online fun activities. There is even a FREE monthly club filled with activities kids and dogs can do together. Topics include Kid and Dog Safety, Rainbow Bridge and Getting a New Dog through a rescue organization or a breeder. The adult programs are termed “3Minutes to a Good Dog”. The programs focus on a specific behavior problem and not an endless series of unrelated commands. Best of all the programs are available online 24×7. Lastly, there are online programs (termed “New Beginnings”) to help all families through the various stages of owning a dog; from adopting a puppy or rescue to rainbow bridge. These programs link to our sister site, “Chloe’s Community”, which is an online support group where dog people help dog people by posting and getting answers to questions, sharing tips, contributing stories, and participating in support groups. Remember, we specialize in kid & dog safety and dog training,

This site was developed in response to friends and colleagues to educate children for the safety of their kids and dogs and to assist owners with training their dogs to be good neighbors. It is solely supported by the donations of people like you wanting to prevent our children from needlessly being injured.

Here are some reasons for online versus onsite training

The rest of our programs help families through all stages of owning a dog, from getting a puppy or adopting a rescue to rainbow bridge. Through the online support groups, dog people help dog people by posting questions and answers, sharing tips, and contributing memories.