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I am so grateful to Dr. E. for referring me to you. I was just telling my coworkers how impressed we were of your knowledge and skills. Your love and dedication to dogs is shown through your interaction with GiGi and your ability to instruct in manner that is easily understood. Thanks again. Sharon

Sharon K.   

Thank You Cathy

November 13, 2018

I was fortunate enough to enroll in Cathy Peters class. I chose Cathy because of her outstanding reputation as a dog trainer. My goal was to have my German Shepherd puppy, Shay, well behaved. I also wanted to be able to provide commands in an effective manner and have my puppy listen. Cathy was the perfect person for me to have chosen.

The course was well organized, informative, and fun! Cathy’s instructions were very clear, and she provided excellent demonstrations. Throughout the sessions, Cathy’s demonstrations of correct commands and correction techniques, were very helpful. Cathy answered any question from the class.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most about the class was Cathy demonstrated a true love of dogs and a strong desire to help owners train their pets to become well behaved.

In closing, I am truly amazed at Cathy’s vast knowledge and expertise. I would recommend Cathy Peters, without reservations, to anyone who is interested in dog training.

Donna J. Cirinelli

Donna C.   

Lola took your training class. I just wanted to thank you for starting us off on the right foot with training and send you a pic of her all grown up. You are an amazing dog trainer and we learned so much from you and now she is a therapy dog! (She likes to sleep standing up!) Again, thank you!

Mary C.   

We got more than our money's worth from your program, Cathy!! I was very worried about Henry's future - he was so afraid of EVERYTHING! We have now successfully met new dogs and people, the barking issue is much less of a problem, and I have learned that he will be a happier dog if I am his "alpha".

Elizabeth D.   

Cathy has been such a wonderful help with our German Shepherd! I was in the dark about how to handle a large breed dog, and she showed me the light! I had a LOT of questions and she was patient, welcoming, and listened to the concerns. She has this wonderful philosophy of teaching and the way she explained things made it click. I had zero experience with dog training and my dog went on to earn her Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizenship certifications. I don't think this would have been possible without Cathy's help.

Rachel L.   

Cathy’s training made the difference between us giving up the dog and having the most wonderful pet. Buttercup recently passed away and we were heartbroken as she was a wonderful pet after receiving training. We recently purchased a black lab puppy which has been an enormous challenge due to her high energy and the fact that we are now 14 years older ourselves. I highly recommend Cathy Peters!!!

Beverly L.   

Cathy is absolutely a dog whisperer. Over time, she has helped me train three of my dogs. One of my dogs, Sammie, was deaf and she came home from training with Cathy knowing hand signals for communication. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give her a 100!

Julie F.   

Cathy, please know how much we value and appreciate your expertise with the dogs and your patience with the difficult ones. You are an inspiration and a great role model for us dog lovers!

Beverly L.   

The training is not just for Manny, but for us as well. We have learned so much on how to deal with him as well as what to expect and Manny is learning and growing into an awesome part of our family. Cathy, you are one of a kind!


We had our baby back in April and she's wonderful--Peeta has been really great with her and we've been thankful so many times in the last month that we trained with you before we had her.

Meghan H.